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Alt+numberkey combination stop working in PuTTY (and maybe others) in Windows 10

19 May 2020

I use PuTTY to run Weechat (an IRC client) over SSH. Over the years I’ve noticed that the alt+numberkey combination suddenly stops working for no apparent reason, which is a bummer because that’s how you change channel windows in Weechat.

After figuring out the reason this happens, forgetting all about it, then figuring it out again, then forgetting it again, and then figuring it out once more, I figured that I should just write it down here.

It’s Photoshop. Yeah. I don’t know why or how, but Photoshop sometimes does this. It doesn’t always do it, but occasionally it does. And when it does, closing it immediately solves the issue (which, I guess, only makes sense). Anyway, go figure.

That’s all.